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The Last Day of 2018

It's just a few minutes before the year changes...

I should be on the way to Karimunjawa for vacation right now, but the fact is I'm sitting in the corner of a small restaurant at my parent's hometown. I'm not gonna talk a lot about it because the only reason our plan got canceled is that of bad weather. It's totally fine, I'm happy to be able to put my thoughts here.
I remember that exactly one year ago, December 2017, I was planning for my 30 days China trip, and it happened already, from June to July. Right now, I am here, December 2018. I think my mind is drifting at the moment. Why everything happened so fast. Why. It is not a question.
I keep asking myself, "what matters to you? what makes you happy" and I cannot find a specific answer. Indeed, it may change by the time depends on the situation that's happening around me. I'm looking back to the previous 363 days and trying to figure out everything, that I changed a lot. The one that I …

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